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Go wild with Dolphin Wild and sight our local Dugongs!

Dolphin Wild is an Australian owned family business and is the longest running marine eco cruise for the Redcliffe & the Brisbane area. Operating for over 20 years, we have a 100% safety record.

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Experience our Moreton Island Marine Park

Let us take you cruising on our comfortable and stable 22 metre vessel SUPERCAT to discover the spectacular beauty of Moreton Island and its Marine Park. Moreton Bay Marine Park is home to a variety of marine animals such as playful dolphins, huge turtles, shy dugongs and the majestic humpback whale passes through these waters from June to November. We also have "beach time" at the Tangalooma Wrecks beach after the snorkel activity.

Playing dolphin

Eco Tour During Our Cruise

As we slowly cruise along the shallows of Moreton Island, sit back and hear our informative commentary by our experienced marine staff including the unique history of Moreton Island and its marine life such as Bottlenose dolphins, dugongs, green sea turtles and the humpback whales. Our families of dolphins love to come and play beside our boat and usually jump into our bow wave and say "hello". Dugongs and turtles also live in these "go slow zones" and the humpback whale will bring their calves into the bay to rest during their migratory season (July to October).

Moreton Island andTangalooma Wrecks

Snorkel the Tangalooma Wrecks

An optional extra on the day, this world renowned group of wrecks were originally sunk to provide protected waters for the boaties at Tangalooma. It is known for its richly diverse marine environment around the 15 scuttled wrecks. There is a myriad of fish, invertebrates, corals, wobbegongs, local turtles and fish tame enough to eat from your hands. The wrecks are also home to magnificent marine birds nesting in the superstructures of the wrecks. Don't be surprised if a marine bird swims beside us during the snorkel; they try to catch the fish that follow us. If you don't want to snorkel, no problems, SUPERCAT anchors right beside the wrecks, so non snorkellers can still experience this magnificent artificial reef. The water is clear enough for you to see the fish and other marine life.



Imagine sitting on a large net and being towed behind SUPERCAT. Some of the most fun you will ever do, it's like being in a spa at speed.


RIVERFIRE 2015 » Saturday, SEPTEMBER 26

Join us on SUPERCAT for one of the best evening cruises on the Brisbane River. Spend the night with music and fireworks and SUPERCAT is positioned every year in one of the best central places to view the fireworks. Book early for this great evening.

Whale watching


The wildlife in our Moreton Island Marine Park is spectacular! We have even had a seal play around SUPERCAT and jump on our rear duckboard. The dolphins, dugongs are turtles are sighted all year and the dolphin pods know the sound of SUPERCAT and will cheekily swim towards and around her. The area is also fortunate enough to witness the migration of the Humpback Whales from June to October each year. These magnificent animals often come into our Moreton Bay and surrounding areas during their season and are very playful and inquisitive.

Our Moreton Island Cruise Highlights

  • Marine Eco Cruise with commentary (all year, dolphins, dugongs & turtles)
  • Moreton Island history
  • Whale Watching Opportunities during the Marine Eco Cruise. Whales migrate past Moreton Island June - October
  • Snorkelling - Tangalooma Wrecks (Optional extra on day)
  • Boom-netting - Experience the rush! (During Summer months)
  • Free time to: relax on the beach, climb the famous sand dunes, swim in safe, crystal clear waters
  • Fish feeding around the wrecks
  • Morning Tea upon boarding
  • All day complimentary Tea & Coffee
  • BBQ chicken, ham off the bone, fresh prawns and salads smorgasbord lunch
  • Hotel Transfers subject to availability(optional extra)

An unforgettable day of fun, excitement and spectacular scenery.

Days and Hours of Operation

Dolphin Wild operates, all year depending on numbers and weather conditions.

Office open 7 days, Office hours 9:00am - 5:00pm
Phones will be answered after hours when available.
Phone (07) 3880 4444

Boarding begins 8:30am at Newport Marina,
158 Griffith Rd, Scarborough, Queensland
and returns approx. 4:00pm.
(returning time can vary depending on group size, marine sightings and activities)

There are NO Eftpos or Credit Card facilities on board, please bring Cash for snorkelling payment and any other purchases on the day.

We can also arrange for door to door hotel transfers from the Gold Coast and Brisbane when available.