Dolphin Wild for Whale Watching, Dolphins, Dugongs, Turtles

Dolphin Wild Island Cruises is an Australian owned small local family business. We have been operating our marine eco cruises for over 30 years in the Newport (Redcliffe), Brisbane, Moreton Island (Tangalooma) and Moreton Bay areas and have a 100% safety record.

Our Dolphin Wild Eco Cruises operate all year and are not a short term seasonal operation. This gives our staff the best knowledge of our animals and location and gives our customers the best possible experience!

The wildlife in our Moreton Island Marine Park is spectacular! We have even had a seal play around SUPERCAT and jump on to our rear duckboard. Our local dolphins, dugongs and turtles are sighted all year. The dolphin pods seem to know the sound of SUPERCAT and will cheekily swim towards and around her. The area is also fortunate enough to witness the migration of the Humpback Whales from June to October each year. These magnificent animals often come into our Moreton Bay and surrounding areas during their season and are very playful and inquisitive.

As we are at sea quite often, we apologize if we miss your phone call. Please book online or email us.

Eco cruise vessel

22 Metre Supercat

Spacious, air-conditioned and the quickest cruise (45 minutes) to Moreton Island with a Newport (Redcliffe City) departure.

Our vessel, SUPERCAT, is Brisbane's most comfortable Moreton Island Eco Cruise vessel with four customer areas – front deck, back deck, saloon (dry lounge area) and top deck. These areas are spacious and enable customers to get the best viewing of our dolphins, dugongs, turtles and whales in the winter season. More.....

Marine Eco Tour

During Our Cruise

As we slowly cruise along the shallows off Moreton Island, sit back and hear our informative commentary by our experienced marine staff. Hear the unique history of Moreton Island including WW2 gun emplacements and sight its marine life such as Bottlenose dolphins, dugongs, green sea turtles and the humpback whales. More.....

Snorkel Tangalooma Wrecks

An optional extra on the day is this world renowned group of wrecks that were originally sunk to provide protected waters for the boaties at Tangalooma. It is known for its richly diverse environment, including thousands of fish - tame enough to eat from your hands, invertebrates, hard corals, Wobbegongs and sometimes even a visiting turtle around the 15 scuttled wrecks. More.....

Boom Netting

Exclusive to Dolphin Wild

What a Thrill!

Imagine sitting on a large net and being towed behind SUPERCAT. Some of the most fun you will ever do, it's like being in a spa at speed. Sometimes our dolphin friends come past to see what all the fun is about. SUPERCAT is the only Moreton Island Eco Cruise with boom netting included in our price!

Brisbane Riverfire Cruise

Saturday, September 26, 2020

$150 per person

Join us on SUPERCAT for Brisbane's night of fireworks and entertainment cruising the Brisbane River. SUPERCAT is positioned every year in one of the best central places to view the fireworks. You can load at Newport Marina, Newport to cruise across the bay and up the Brisbane River (at no extra charge) or Mowbray Park, East Brisbane. More.....