Accessibility on Our Boat Adventures
Welcome aboard! At Dolphin Wild Island Cruises, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty of Moreton Island and our Sunset cruises on Moreton Bay. Our 22-meter boat aims to provide a memorable experience for all our guests.
Pram Accessibility:
We understand the importance of accommodating families with young children. Our boat welcomes families to bring their prams, ensuring that parents and guardians can easily navigate the vessel with their little ones. Our friendly crew can assist you with boarding and storage on the boat.
Companion Cards:
We proudly accept companion cards on board. This initiative is aimed at promoting inclusivity, allowing those with disabilities to have the support they need during their trip. If you possess a companion card or a disability card, you and your carer can both purchase a concession ticket price.
Audio Guides for Visually Impaired Guests:
*TBA* For our visually impaired guests, we are currently in the process of designing audio guides to enhance their experience. These guides will provide insightful narration, describing the scenic beauty and notable points of interest throughout the journey. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonders of Moreton Island and Moreton Bay. 
Support for Disabilities:
Our crew is trained to provide assistance to guests with disabilities. Whether you require help with boarding, accessing facilities, or have specific requests, our friendly staff is here to ensure your comfort and enjoyment throughout the trip. Please inform us of any special requirements during the booking process, so we can make the necessary arrangements.
Wheelchair Access:
Unfortunately, due to the design of our vessel, we cannot facilitate wheelchairs onboard.
At Dolphin Wild Island Cruises, we strive to make our boat adventures accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Join us for an unforgettable journey, where the beauty of Moreton Island and the serenity of Moreton Bay are experiences meant to be shared by all.