General Information

  • How long is the cruise over to Moreton Island?
  • The trip each way is approximately 50 minutes. However, this can vary depending on the weather conditions and whether we see pods of Dolphins or Whales along the way which we will stop and interact with.
  • Where can I park to board the boat at Newport Marina?
  • The marina has free all day and overnight parking on site. Once you have parked your car, please make your way down to the commercial section which is at the end of the marina for boarding at the DOLPHIN WILD gate.

Boat Related Questions

  • Are there bathroom facilities on board the boat?
  • Yes. There are two toilets/change areas and an outdoor fresh water shower on the back of the boat.
  • Is there food and drinks available to purchase on board?
  • Yes. There is a fully licensed bar onboard available to purchase soft drinks, alcohol and snacks.
    Please note, there is no EFTPOS available on board – cash only. Free tea and coffee, lunch and afternoon tea are all included in the price.
  • What is for lunch?
  • We offer a healthy lunch consisting of freshly baked bread rolls and roast chicken cooked in the early hours of the morning, along with salads and fresh local prawns. Please note if you are vegetarian, you are still catered for and can prepare yourself a fresh salad roll, as all of our ingredients are separated at the time of preparation and serving.
  • Are strollers allowed on board?
  • Yes. If you require assistance getting on and off the boat, please ask the friendly staff on board.
  • How rough will the trip be?
  • Marine conditions are contingent on current and offshore weather conditions. As such, the conditions can vary from calm to rough on any given day.
  • Is there comfortable seating available on board?
  • Yes. Chairs, tables and lounges are available in the air-conditioned saloon area and there is also a top deck, back deck and front deck for you to enjoy your day out on the water.
  • Is the ferry wheelchair friendly?
  • Unfortunately, no, the boat is not wheelchair accessible. Mobility and movement will be an issue in disembarkation/embarkation from the vessel.
  • How do I disembark onto the island for the lunch break?
  • We will anchor as close as possible in the calm water to the beach and you may either swim across to the island to enjoy your free time or we can take you across in our safety vessel (also known as a tender or rubber duck).

Water Activity Related Questions

  • What is Boom-netting?
  • Boom-netting is when we put a big net into the water at the back of the boat and you climb onto it and we tow you around for an exhilarating thrill ride.
  • Do I need to be able to swim to participate in the Boom-netting and Snorkeling tour?
  • Yes. Everybody participating in any of our water activities MUST be able to swim as we are playing in deep water and you won’t be able to stand up if you fall off the net or when you are snorkeling the wrecks.
  • Do I need to wear a wetsuit for Boom-netting and Snorkeling?
  • Yes. All participants MUST wear a wetsuit for your own safety, to help with buoyancy in the water and also to protect you from any sharp objects when snorkeling the wrecks.
  • Why is the Guided Snorkeling and Fish Feeding Tour not included in the price?
  • Not all passengers on the tour are able to swim and are travelling with us to spend the day on the water, visit the Island for lunch and enjoy the afternoon Marine Safari spotting Dolphins, Dugongs and Turtles. So, we think it’s only fair if they aren’t participating in the snorkeling, they should receive some kind of discount.
  • Can I bring my own snorkel and fins?
  • Yes. You may bring your own gear if you like, however you will still have to pay the $20 per adult and $10 per child fee to participate in the Guided snorkeling and Fish Feeding tour.
  • How long is the snorkeling tour?
  • Around 50 minutes long, and you MUST be able to swim as you will be swimming a length of approximately 600 metres in all weather and tidal conditions.
  • Can I snorkel the wrecks on my own and not participate in the guided tour?
  • No. Due to Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Legislation and Risk Assessments, we are unable to allow patrons to snorkel alone at the Moreton Island Wrecks whilst on our cruise.