Snorkelling and Water Activities

Snorkelling Tangalooma Wrecks off Moreton Island

An optional extra on the day is this world renowned group of wrecks that were originally sunk to provide protected waters for the boaties at Tangalooma. It is known for its richly diverse environment, including thousands of fish - tame enough to eat from your hands, invertebrates, hard corals, Wobbegongs and sometimes even a visiting turtle around the 15 scuttled wrecks.
The wrecks are also home to magnificent marine birds nesting and feeding from the superstructures of the wrecks. These include Sea Eagles, Whistling Kites and Cormorants. Don't be surprised if a marine bird swims beside us during the snorkel; they try to catch the fish that follow us.
Our snorkel procedure is one of the industries safest and includes a safety vessel following the snorkelers for any early pickups, wetsuits, mask/fins, glove for protection and a noodle if you require it. We traverse the length of the wrecks, with our mother ship SUPERCAT moving to the opposite end to pick us up – no swimming back against the current! During the snorkel we feed the thousands of fish we encounter.
Our Guided Snorkelling & Fishfeeding Tour of the Tangalooma wrecks is an optional extra on the day. Our cost of $20 per adult and $10 per child (up to 14 yrs) includes Eco Guides, safety vessel, wetsuits, mask/fins & noodle if required. Payment for this activity may be made on the morning of the trip. Please note that we have no EFTPOS facilities onboard and this payment must be in cash.
Please note, for your safety, participants must be able to swim. You are welcome to bring your own mask/snorkel/wetsuit, but the snorkelling fee will still apply.
Due to Queensland Workplace Health & Safety Legislation & Risk Assessments, we are unable to allow patrons to snorkel alone at the Tangalooma Wrecks whilst on our cruise.
If you don't wish to snorkel, no problems, SUPERCAT anchors right beside the wrecks, so non snorkelers can still experience and photograph these magnificent wrecks and Moreton Island. If you are lucky, the Captain may take you on a tour through the wrecks on our safety vessel for your enjoyment.

Moreton Bay Boom-Netting

On those hot days those wanting to try their hand at boom-netting, can get involved in this fun and exciting activity. Guaranteed to satisfy any adventure enthusiast and sure to refresh those looking to cool off in the clear blue ocean waters. It's like taking a spa at 10 knots. Those less adventurous will no doubt be entertained watching the boom-netters going through "the washing machine".

Moreton Island Swimming

This is a must-do activity, it's not often you can bathe in crystal clear, blue waters surrounded by golden beach front dunes on Australia's east coast.

Tangalooma Fish feeding

Try your hand at fish feeding on board, Moreton Island has legendary fish, and we supply fish food for everyone to enjoy the colours and quantity of fish that come up when being feed. There are plenty of fish for everyone!