Our marine naturalist crew members will enlighten you with their expert knowledge and commentary of the unique history of Moreton Island and its marine life such as Dolphins, Dugongs and Turtles.

Photographs and information on the Marine Life we see


Bottlenose Dolphins are well known as the intelligent and charismatic stars of many aquarium shows, as their curved mouths give the appearance of a friendly permanent smile.
Dolphins travel in social groups and their pods usually consist of about 10-12 Dolphins which are long term social units.


Green Turtles are among the largest sea turtle in the world, with a proportionally small head which can not pull in to their shell like other turtle species.
Sea Turtles generally warm them selves by swimming close to the surface of the shallow waters, making it easier for us to locate and get some great views of them in their natural habitat.


Moreton Island has a great supply of sea grass beds, ideal for dugongs to graze on all year round, as Dugongs are the only Herbivorous Sea Mammal in the world, they only feed on sea grass and algae growing on the sea grass located in shallow sheltered tropical coastlines.
Dugongs can not hold their breath for very long, about every 5-6 minutes they resurface. More frequently than Whales, dolphins and porpoises.