The afternoon is dedicated to the Eco Marine Safari, spotting wildlife in their natural habitat, however the entire day is a Marine Safari as the Captain and Crew are always on the lookout for marine life. If spotted the Captain will pause all activities and take you over to view the animals wild and free in their natural habitat. 

As the animals are wild and untamed, there is no guarantee of which species you will see on your cruise, but Dolphin Wild Island Cruises have been operating within the region for over 30 years and have a 95% success rate of spotting dugongs, dolphins and turtles. 

The Captain will deliver informative and interesting commentary throughout the day and all afternoon educating you on the fun facts, habitats, biology and evolution of the local animals and Moreton Island’s colourful history.

Dolphins off the bow

Moreton Bay Marine Park is home to the shy elusive Dugong. Number one on everyone’s list to spot on a Moreton Bay Cruise. With an abundance of seagrass beds, it is ideal for dugongs to graze on all year round. As Dugongs are the only Herbivorous Sea Mammal in the world, they only feed on seagrass and algae growing on the seagrass limiting their homes to specific areas of coastline.


A very healthy population of turtles can also be found foraging in the seagrass beds. Moreton Bay Marine Park houses six different species of turtles warming themselves by swimming close to the surface of the shallow water, making them easy to spot in their natural habitat.


Moreton Bay is also fortunate enough to witness the migration of the Humpback Whales from June to October annually. These magnificent mammals visit Moreton Bay with their young babies on their return journey south to Antarctica. The babies and are very playful and inquisitive making it an unforgettable experience when you encounter them.


Common birds spotted each trip include Sea Eagles gliding in the sky over head, Whistling Kites and Cormorants. Don’t be surprised if a Cormorant swims beside you during the Guided Snorkeling and Fish Feeding tour as they like to take advantage of the fish feeding session while they are in abundance and catch a meal for themselves.